Smart Sputtering-Optical Coater of auto loading & unloading system

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Smart Sputtering-Optical Coater of auto loading & unloading system

Smart Sputtering-Optical Coater of auto loading & unloading system

(APRS-advanced plasma reactive sputtering technology)


Smart Sputtering-Optical Coater uses MF magnetron sputtering technology to coat a multilayer optical film layers by aid of the activating and cleaning functions of MF or RF plasma device.

More recently, advances in sputtering technology have resulted in coating equipment capable of producing complex optical coatings of more than 200 layers. Advanced plasma reactive sputtering (APRS) uses MF dual-magnetrons and achieves consistent, repeatable rates of deposition with highly predictable thin-film optical characteristics. Armed with accurate optical and time-based layer monitoring techniques, APRS is capable of producing complex filters with spectral performance that closely matches theoretical models.

Different sputtering targets and power supplies as well as film thickness monitoring and control device equipped can deposit a variety of film systems, such as metals, oxides, compounds and other high-melting film materials, and also available to coat super-hard films on glass panels.


Automatic substrate loading and unloading as well as automatic process control have reduced the labor cost and human mal-operation, ensuring the superior quality of the high-end coated products, with the production efficiency greatly improved.


Typical application area: various optical films, decorative films and hard films as following:


A), Optical films for mobiles and automobiles (such as various color films, glare gradient color film, AR film, hard film, AFS, etc.);

B), Optical film for imaging equipment (example: PBS, IR-Cut, etc.);

C), Optical communication film (such as NBPF);

D), Optical film for LED (DBR, ODR);

E), Optical film for medical equipments (AR, IR-Cut, HR, etc.);

F), Decorative coating (various colors, RGB, etc.).


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